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Track employee hours and manage payroll.

evergreen time clock troll

evergreen time clock troll makes employee payroll and tracking of hours simple. With it, your employees can log in and out and you can track their times for payroll purposes. For added security, evergreen also has the capability for biometric fingerprint identification.


The program optionally integrates with identifi's biometric fingerprint identification program time clock to ensure that your employees are logging accurate hours. You'll find that your store has never been more secure, and employee payroll has never been easier.

General Features
  • password-based or secure fingerprint login
  • two affordable pricing levels
  • no monthly fees
  • sleek, easy-to-use interface
  • manual or automatic clock-in timers
  • custom security settings
  • options for standard and overtime pay
  • password-protected time management
  • photo identification options
  • standard and overtime pay on earnings report
  • instant hours and payroll reports
  • long-term payroll history storage

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